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Malta , Thursday 19 September 2019

News Malta » Religion: Malta: Mediterranean island is a citadel of many cultures and a popular filming locale

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Publicated on: Wednesday 18 September 2019

Aside from its British vibe, Valletta has a distinct fortress-city feel, thanks to the Knights of St. John (a.k.a. the Knights of Malta). For centuries, these religious/military knights were based on ...

News Malta » Religion: Malta is a pioneer in defending LGBTIQ+ rights

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Publicated on: Sunday 15 September 2019

Malta has managed rapidly and steadily to accept and tolerate LGBTQ+ individuals considering the impact religion, and other forces, have in our everyday lives. This tolerance has sometimes become a ...

News Malta » Religion: Pope Francis Meets with President of Malta

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Publicated on: onday 16 September 2019

Pope Francis met with the President of Malta, George Vella ... Emphasis, it stressed, was placed “on the importance of religious values in the culture and life of the Maltese people ...

News Malta » Religion: Pope repeats call for humankind to help refugees

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Publicated on: Wednesday 18 September 2019

More happily, the two leaders expressed satisfaction about the harmonious state of relations between Malta and the Vatican. They also spoke of the importance of religious values in the culture and ...

News Malta » Religion: Discover the religious heart of Maltese culture with the new Pilgrimage

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Publicated on: onday 09 September 2019

Malta Tourism Authority’s series of themed maps introduced a new addition this year; the Pilgrimage Trail, which showcases the most beautiful churches and religious spots across the archipelago. With ...

News Malta » Religion: Film director warns of backlash against U.S. gay conversion bans

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Publicated on: uesday 10 September 2019

Malta, Ecuador and Brazil have banned conversion therapy ... While Karslake’s first film focused on religious families of gay and lesbian children, the new documentary includes transgender people and ...

News Malta » Religion: Malta seeks greater ties with GCC, India

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Publicated on: Saturday 07 September 2019

Valletta, Malta : The Government of Malta is seeking greater ties with the Gulf countries and India, in order to accelerate its economic growth, highest among the European Union countries ...

News Malta » Religion: Religion in Europe - Statistics and Facts

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Publicated on: Sunday 23 June 2019

There are state churches in countries like England, Malta, Denmark and Iceland. In other countries, the state religion has decreased in importance since the 19th century. For example, although the ...

News Malta » Religion: Digging through the layers of Malta’s religious past

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Publicated on: hursday 21 March 2019

FROM the outside, Tas-Silg, an archaeological site in the south of Malta, does not look like much at all. If you peer through the mesh metal fence that surrounds the complex, all you see is a ...

News Malta » Religion: For God and country: is religion still a factor in Maltese politics?

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Publicated on: hursday 17 January 2019

“Politics can never be disconnected from its own society and this is why the country is witnessing a resurgence of religion and Christian values in local politics. Malta wants to remain a society that ...

News Malta » Religion: Knights of Malta leader forbids use of Latin Mass for global religious order

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Publicated on: onday 10 June 2019

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